Merchant Mermaid | Sacred Speaker | Hydrated Leadership | Water Alchemist | Eternal Entrepreneur

Founder of the Merchant Mermaid Method and WAKE Water Co

Water is Source is Life is Love

We came from the Waters and are more Water than anything else. 

This element makes up our bodies and the planet on which we live.

We are part of the Water Cycle but, as a collective, we’ve forgotten this connection.

What is Water Consciousness?

Connecting the Drops. 

A way of perceiving the interconnectedness of all things through the Water Lense.

My purpose is to be a vessel for the awakening of Water Consciousness on a Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Sexual, Financial, and Social level.

Merchant Mermaid Method

The Mermaid is the Original Merchant, and because Water is Currency, she has the Vision to sea and commune with the Currents of the sea to assist the birthing of a Sacred Economy and restore Well-th Consciousness.

Feeling a Deeper Calling to Water?

Do you feel a strong connection to water that you can’t quite explain? Does it call to you in powerful and persistent ways? If so, you might be a water being – a specific group of people who are meant to deeply explore and share the truths about water with the world. We have a watery origin that we’re being reawakened… and it’s time to listen.

Connect with the streams of water